Our seaside holiday in Palanga

Palanga lies in western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic
Sea and is known as the country’s summer capital.

It offers long sandy beaches, health spas, lots of entertainment
and beautiful surroundings of unspoilt nature.

John and I stayed there for several days as John was curious to visit the Lithuanian resort town of choice and I was longing to see my favourite foamy Baltic sea again.

Palanga is appealing to us because you can choose from either an active holiday in the lively town centre or just relax in the tranquility of the pine trees and the more secluded beaches.

We chose an apartment on the main pedestrian Basanavičius Street

that goes all the way to the central beach.

The street is a popular social centre and is famous for its bright lights, loud music, seaside carnivals and thousands of people during the summer months.

Strolling along Basanavičius Street you will see that every second building on the street offers some place to eat.

John noted that it’s not often you find so many colourful restaurants and bars in one area,

offering different deco theme, atmosphere and often live music in the evening.

At the main entrance to Palanga beach there are several rows of benches overlooking the pier where at dusk you can see hundreds of people contemplating the view of the sun setting straight into the sea.

John and I used to come here every evening and walk down to the very end of the beautifully lit pier.

Have fun watching this short entertaining Palanga video

Even though it is the most popular Lithuanian seaside town, Palanga still retained a local, somewhat provincial atmosphere.

It has a very clean pine forest air, resources of mineral water and healing mud.

For years it has been known for its health spas where people come all year round to improve their health and fitness.

For a break from the bustle of the town centre we loved strolling along the shady side streets lined with colourful wooden houses.

Walking down Meiles aleja Street (for English, Lover’s Lane) which runs parallel to the sea we came across a number of holiday homes and guest houses with their pretty balconies looking out onto the surrounding pine trees.

All of them where located just a few metres away from the beach.

For John and me a beach holiday is never just lazing around in the sun therefore we enjoyed visiting several attractions such as the Amber Museum set in the original count Tiskevicius palace,

Gothic church and the Botanical gardens , amongst others.

We loved the small pagan altar at the foot of Birutes Hill, which has a romantic history.

It is believed that once the hill was the site of a pagan shrine tended by the vestal virgins.

We climbed to the top of the hill to visit the pretty chapel and enjoy the view from the highest point in the town.

Palanga is a popular place for family holidays.

It has everything a child needs-sea, sand, rides and ice cream.

The beach is very safe and clean and many restaurants have special menus for kids.

Being the official summer capital of Lithuania it offers a lot of entertainment.

Summer festivals, open-air concerts, sport contests are taking place here. On the streets there are many posters listing what’s on.

It also offers a vibrant nightlife with a wide choice of bars, nightclubs and casinos.

John and I had our favourite De Cuba restaurant to start our night out.

Surrounded by the music, lights, flowers and fountains you really get into the holiday mood.


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