"What is it like in Lithuania?"

I asked myself this when I
was planning a vacation in Lithuania a few years ago.

Back then Lithuania to me was just one of the Baltic States that I didn’t
hear much about. However, my sense of adventure took over as
travelling and discovering new places is my passion.

Since I first visited the country I found many things close to my heart and it soon became one of my favourites.

I fell in love with this charming historic place (not overcrowded by mass tourism yet) and its people who were friendly and welcoming, keeping their traditions and culture live to the present day.

I stayed in a Vilnius apartment right in the centre of the attractive Vilnius Old Town, where my passion for photography was truly rewarded.

I loved wandering Vilnius cosy cobbled streets with church spires always in sight and then having meals at pleasant outdoor cafes.
(Photo right, Cathedral Square).

On my second visit to the country I met my future wife Lija who is Lithuanian and I got to know the country more closely, not just from a tourist point of view.

She showed me lots of places of interest that I wasn’t aware of.

Meeting her family and friends also gave me a deeper insight into the Lithuanian way of life.

We often travel to Lithuania and over time we scoured most of the country.

We visited the historic town of Trakai and its impressive medieval castle surrounded by a lake.

We went to see the famous Hill of Crosses in Siauliai, climbed the majestic sand dunes of the Curonian Spit and explored many other towns
and their historic attractions.

The country's beautiful landscape with many national parks, lakes and incredibly fresh air is also very appealing to me.

One of my greatest pleasures was visiting Lija’s grandfather's farmstead in an idyllic village and experience the country's unchanged rural way of life carried through generations.

What a beach!

My biggest surprise was the enchanting Lithuanian seaside. I loved the unique
peninsular Curonian Spit in the West of
the country.

Its sandy beaches with a backdrop of pine
tree woods, magnificent windswept sand dunes

and romantic sunsets in the Baltic Sea left me with pleasant memories. The whole coast is a part of the UNESCO heritage and I think one of the country's must see places.

For those planning a vacation at a Baltic Sea resort, Palanga is another attractive option in Lithuania.

So Have YOU ever thought of what Lithuania is like?

In this website Lija and I will try our best to share
everything about Lithuania that we discovered.

We were pleased that The Lithuanian National Tourism Office
recommend and link to us as a useful information website

Click on the video below, which we found very interesting
and entertaining and feel some of the ambience of Lithuania:

Where is Lithuania?
Search the map of Lithuania
and zoom in for the map
of Vilnius at street level.

  • A brief history of the country
  • The people
  • "Must see" places in Lithuania
  • Facts about Lithuania
  • What makes Vilnius (the capital city) special
  • Vilnius walking tours visiting major sites
  • Vilnius places of interest
  • Favourite Vilnius restaurants
  • Getting around
  • Best Vilnius hotels (cheap and expensive)
  • The historic town of Trakai and its medieval castle
  • The unique Neringa peninsular on the Baltic coast
  • Nida -resort town of Neringa
  • Must see places in Nida
  • Favourite Nida restaurants
  • Juodkrante -resort town of Neringa
  • More to come …

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    Our Vilnius Travel Vacation
    From John's memories of travel vacations, Vilnius is one of his favourites.Vilnius Old Town; our chocolate box city.
    Vilnius Old Town. Experience Its Medieval Charm With A Travelling Couple
    Enjoy with us in Vilnius Old Town; our chocolate box town.
    Must See Vilnius Sightseeing Attractions
    Lija took me on Vilnius sightseeing days out. Here are the attractions that she showed me.
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    Bohemian Uzupis District In Vilnius
    We walked to the Bohemian Uzupis district in Vilnius. Here, you will find some fine art galleries, artists' workshops and popular cafés.
    Our Day Trip To Trakai And Trakai Island Castle
    We planned a day trip to the historic town of Trakai Lithuania and Trakai Island Castle
    The Hill Of Witches Was Great Fun. Curonian Spit.
    The Hill of Witches is the highlight attraction of Juodkrante and you will find that it's really worth visiting.
    Our Impressions Of Vilnius Restaurants And Lithuanian Restaurants
    We had a delightful experience in Vilnius restaurants. I found a remarkable choice of great Lithuanian restaurants.
    I Found Vilnius Bars To Be Social, Atmospheric And Varied
    If it's quality entertainment you're after, then here are a few Vilnius bars.
    Great Lithuanian food at the Craftsman's Inn
    Lija took me to the Craftsman's Inn to sample some Lithuanian food.The restaurant offers an extensive menu and a great olden times atmosphere.
    I loved Lithuanian food at Cili Kaimas, one of Vilnius restaurants
    Lija's family took me to Cili Kaimas restaurant in Vilnius to try Lithuanian food.
    One Of Vilnius Restaurants, Markus Ir Ko Has A London Pub Like Deco
    It was great to sit in Markus Ir Ko which is one of Vilnius restaurants that offers a classy London pub atmosphere.
    As Themed Restaurants In Vilnius Go, Gras'as Is A Favourite Of John's
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    Looking For Vilnius Restaurants, Stroll Along The Main Pilies Street
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    Try Lithuanian Food Made With Style In Stikliu Alude
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    These Apartments In Vilnius Are Conveniently Located In The Old Town Centre
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    My First Apartment In Vilnius Old Town That I Recommend
    I would like to recommend my first apartment in Vilnius that I rented on the main Vilnius Old Town Street.
    Great Natalex apartments in Vilnius that offer accommodation in Vilnius centre
    We loved our studio apartment not far from Vilnius centre and Vilnius Old Town that we rented from Natalex apartments in Vilnius.
    Our Recommended Vilnius Restaurants
    Searching for great mid-priced Vilnius restaurants? Here are our favourites.
    Csarda Restaurant In Vilnius Is A Must Visit Place
    If you are looking for a special restaurant in Vilnius, Csarda offers delicious Hungarian food in an old fashioned romantic setting. Highly recommended.
    Argentinean Restaurant In Vilnius El-Gaucho-Sano Is Recommended By Me And Lija
    I loved the exotic interior of El-Gaucho-Sano, Argentinean restaurant in Vilnius. They also know how to beautifully grill a piece of meat.
    Italian Restaurant In Vilnius Old Town (St. Valentino) Provides quality food
    After a busy day I found St. Valentino, an Italian restaurant in Vilnius Old Town absolutely relaxing, offering excellent pizzas and other Italian food.
    Indian Vilnius Restaurant For Upscale Dining By Vilnius Cathedral
    John and I chose this Indian Vilnius restaurant for a special occasion. Lovely food and a view of Vilnius Cathedral.
    Great Vilnius Nightlife With Vilnius Clubs And Elegant Vilnius Bars
    When it comes to Vilnius nightlife, there is a lot to choose; ranging from Vilnius clubs, fun themed bars to casinos and exotic shows.
    Cagino, Russian Restaurant In Vilnius, Offers Russian Cuisine At Its Best
    I went to this Russian restaurant in Vilnius to find the difference between Lithuanian and Russian food.
    Exclusive Vilnius clubs - Pabo Latino
    Lija took me to Pabo Latino, one of the most fantastic Vilnius clubs in my opinion.
    As clubs in Vilnius go, Brodvėjus is a fun place to party in Lithuania
    Brodvėjus is one of the most busy and unpretentious clubs in Vilnius. A cheap venue to have a fun night out with a group of friends.
    Vilnius KGB Museum, or Museum of Genocide Victims is one of its kind in the Euro
    KGB Museum is a must see place in Vilnius. Only after visiting the museum did I get closer to realising what the people went through under the Soviet rule.
    Our Reviewed Vilnius Clubs
    I enjoyed visiting a number of Vilnius clubs offering a quality night out
    Shakespeare Hotel In Vilnius Is A Charming Upmarket Place To stay
    I was charmed by the Shakespeare Hotel In Vilnius, which is a themed boutique hotel inspired by the English playwright.
    As Luxury Hotels In Vilnius Go, The Grothuss Boutique Hotel Is A Lovely Choice
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    Vilnius Hotel Apia Offers A Pleasant Ambiance At Affordable Prices
    We liked Vilnius hotel Apia for its excellent location, stylish rooms and good value for money.
    Vilnius Hotel Rinno Is Popular With Business And Leisure Travellers
    We liked the Scandinavian style Vilnius hotel Rinno that offers stylish and cosy rooms.
    Atmospheric guest house in Vilnius set in a renovated Monastery.
    Domus Maria guest house in Vilnius was appealing to John and me for its retained character of the past and its very central location.
    Medieval Vilnius Old Town A Postcard Perfect City
    My first impression of Vilnius Old Town was pretty, homely and somehow unpretentiously elegant. It isn’t exactly for those who are looking for a big turbulent metropolis city, which it isn’t.
    Luxury Hotels In Vilnius Narutis Offers The Utmost Refinement And Comfort
    Among luxury hotels in Vilnius, 5 star Narutis hotel is one of the most luxurious and the oldest hotel in town.
    We Loved The Curonian Spit And Beaches In Lithuania
    I was eager to show John the wonderful sandy peninsula called the Curonian Spit and our favourite beach in Lithuania, Nida beach.
    We Enjoyed Palanga In Lithuania For Its Beaches, Restaurants And The Baltic Sea
    Palanga offers long sandy beaches, health spas, lots of entertainment and beautiful surroundings of unspoilt nature.
    Europa Royale Hotel In Vilnius Offers Luxury And Great Location
    We liked luxurious Europa Royale hotel in Vilnius, located close to the famous Gates of Dawn for its beautiful, atmospheric rooms set in the renovated 19th century mansion.
    Ambassador Hotel In Vilnius Is A Centrally Located Budget Hotel
    We found Ambassador Hotel in Vilnius rather basic but reasonably priced and very conveniently located in Vilnius shopping and business area.
    Radisson SAS Astorija Hotel In Vilnius A First Class Business Hotel
    We feature Radisson SAS Astorija hotel in Vilnius because it offers first class luxury and comfort.
    Among Luxury Hotels In Vilnius, Atrium Is In The Heart Of Vilnius Old Town
    Atrium hotel makes a nice addition to luxury hotels in Vilnius. We enjoyed its excellent Argentinean restaurant. The rooms are spacious and stylish.
    As For Vilnius Discount Hotels, Bernardinu B&B Is A Good Value Hotel
    We consider Bernardinu B&B as one of Vilnius discount hotels, considering its central Old Town location and pretty interior.
    LITINTERP Cheap Hotel In Vilnius Old Town
    For those looking for a cheap hotel in Vilnius Old Town, LITINTERP Guesthouse would be one of the cheapest options.
    Terms Of Use - Welcome to Lithuania
    Terms of use for Welcome to Lithuania.
    Palanga Hotels And Other Accommodation In Palanga
    This is a list of our recommended Palanga hotels and other nice accommodation in Palanga.
    Visit Palanga Amber Museum Set In A 19th c. Palace
    John and I pay repeat visits to Palanga Amber Museum for its fascinating amber collection and its pleasant 19th c. mansion surroundings.
    Palanga Hotel - 5 Star Palanga Accommodation
    We liked luxury Palanga hotel, that is surrounded by scented pine trees and offers 5 star relaxation.
    Apartment In Palanga Close To The Baltic Sea Beach
    We stayed in this gorgeous apartment in Palanga on our Baltic Sea vacation.
    Our Favourite Palanga Attractions And Places Of Interest
    Apart from the obvious Palanga attractions like Palanga beach, you can also visit the Amber Museum, botanical garden and more.
    Palanga Beach Is A Long Stretch Of Fine Silky Sand
    John and I loved spending time on Palanga beach and watch the sunset from the sea bridge.
    Hotel By The Baltic Sea In Palanga
    Alanga is a cosy hotel by the Baltic Sea, located in the centre of Palanga.
    Pretty Botanical Garden In Palanga Is Worth A Visit
    Visiting the botanical garden in Palanga was one of the highlights of our Baltic Sea holiday.
    My favourite Palanga Vacation Activities
    My idea of Palanga vacation activities and things to do in Palanga.
    Four Star Palanga Hotel Facing The Park
    We liked the room with a glass veranda in this Palanga hotel.
    Our Recommended Palanga Restaurants
    John and I featuring our top 5 favourite Palanga restaurants.
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