Bohemian Uzupis district in Vilnius

Separated from the Old Town by the river Neris,
Uzupis district in Vilnius.....

is home for the city’s many artists and is often
referred to as the most bohemian and free spirited district in town.

Here, you will find some fine art galleries, artists' workshops and popular cafés.

John and I took a walk to the picturesque Uzupis district, as I wanted to show him an area in Vilnius that has a special place in my heart.

Uzupis has the charm of the Old Town but is less crowded with people.

It is also a popular gathering place for local students, young artists and other free spirited dreamers.

As we were crossing the bridge linking Uzupis district with the Old Town, John stopped to admire the river Vilnia beneath and its unusual red shade of water.

Colourful buildings, pretty bridges across the river and beautiful leafy surroundings give the area a romantic feel.

Many couples come here for a pleasant stroll along the streets or for a romantic meal in Uzupis cafes.

We loved wandering along the streets of Uzupis in the late afternoon sun, soaking up the bohemian ambiance

Tasteful street art, artists’ workshops and art galleries make the district cheerful and interesting to explore.

Mysterious old buildings are one of the charms of the Uzupis district. Knowing John’s love of history and old times, we couldn’t help taking peeks into the backyards of those run down buildings, where the true Uzupis spirit lives.

Dilapidated walls, laundry drying among the trees and locals sitting outside made an ideal setting for John’s photography.

As a matter of fact Uzupis district witnessed a lot of history.

Being one of the oldest districts of Vilnius, originally it was the site were the medieval craftsmen lived.

Later it was a Jewish quarter. But after the Holocaust the houses were abandoned and tramps occupied the empty houses.

Today the district is an upmarket residential area.

St. Bartholomew Church (that you can see in the picture) and Uzupis Angel are among Uzupis attractions.

The bronze angel statue blowing a trumpet stands in the main Uzupis Square.

The statue symbolizes the artistic freedom of the district.

The Republic of Uzupis is also sometimes called the Republic of Angels.

Uzupis district is also for those looking for an adventure.

It offers a unique experience of visiting another republic without leaving Lithuania.

Jokingly in 1997 Uzupis declared independence from the rest of Vilnius but the idea isn't surprising, as Uzupis is the home for many city’s artists, welcoming unconventional ideas.

The Republic of Uzupis has its own president, constitution, flag and currency.

Uzupis also has its own calendar and festivals.

Sometimes alternative street fashion shows and art shows are taking place here.

You will find Uzupis constitution board on the street’s wall written in Lithuanian, English and French.

Here there are some of its fun statements that we remember:

"Everyone has the right to live by the River Vilnele, and the River Vilnele has the right to flow by everyone."

"Everyone has the right to die, but this is not an obligation."

"A dog has the right to be a dog."

Restaurants in Uzupis district:

If you walk uphill from the Angel statue, in about 5 min you will come across “Tores” restaurant, which is another highlight of Uzupis.

John and I enjoyed our meal in its lovely hilltop terrace overlooking the red tiled roofs and church spires of Vilnius Old Town.

Tores also has a wine cellar and art gallery. Contemporary artists' paintings are exhibited on the walls.
Address: Tores Uzupio 40

The beautifully decorated eatery Prie Angelo is located next to the statue of the angel.

It’s ideal for coffee or lunch.

We also got a very pleasant service there.
Address: Prie Angelo Užupio 9/2

Sorentina is another charming cosy restaurant with Italian wine cellar.

They serve delicious homemade pasta dishes alongside seafood and steaks. Also try their delightful deserts.
Address: Sorentina Užupio 30

Getting to Uzupis district:

Leave the Old Town past St. Ann's Church and cross the Vilnia river.

You will see signs at the entrance of the Uzupis Republic

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