Vibrant Vilnius clubs
offering a quality night out, reviewed

Here is a list of Vilnius clubs that we checked out
and hope that it will help you to choose the one that
you would like to visit.

I have included our personal favourites, the trendiest in Vilnius, or the most popular with locals.

Pabo Latino

is among our favorites. The moment you step inside you enter an oasis of opulent interior, uplifting Latin music and friendly atmosphere.

You almost feel as if attending some luxurious private party. The heated outdoor terrace with some exotic tents add to the effect. The Latin theme works perfectly here...
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can be a fun, cheap night out in Vilnius for a group of friends. It is famous for always being busy and known as one of the most unpretentious Vilnius clubs.

Famous Lithuanian and foreign bands play in the club quite often. This is also a club to get a taste of something close to local party, however, locals have a divided opinion about the club and to find out more….
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is a newly opened club in Vilnius. The club is a part of a large network of super clubs around the world. I visited Pacha in London and the glamorous Pacha Ibiza and was very curious about the one in Vilnius.

The stylish colourful interior here is Mediterranean inspired with mosaic walls, sea like colours and flashing lights. With a few halls it's easy to find space on the dance floor, those who would prefer some rest there are a few quieter hideaways.

Music is mainly Ibiza house but other types of music is played in the other hall. Sometimes live shows are taking place and they also present some of the best international DJ's. One of the fancy drinks that is worth trying is the special Pacha cherry mojito. They also offer a variety of snacks. The crowd here is diverse and seem friendly. In my opinion Pacha has got the perfect clubbing formula and is one of the classiest clubs in Vilnius.

Address: Pacha
Gynėjų Street 14 (City centre), tel. +370 620 220 44
Open Fri - Sat : 22:00 - 06:00
Entrance fee: 7 - 9 €


is a spacious modern club superbly located in the main area of the Old Town, next to the Town Hall. A few years ago it was considered one of the best clubs in town with both locals and foreigners alike, but now it's getting some big competitors.

Still the sound and lightning systems are very good and the club attracts a trendy crowd. At the weekends Helios offers some live music or fashion shows and other entertainment. You can enjoy an extensive cocktail list and some exotic dishes at their Night Sushi Bar.

Also a good thing is that if you find the place is not to your liking, the Vila Latina club, Eden club and the city Casino are situated next door in the same building.

Address: Helios
Didžioji Street 28, tel. 261 50 40
Open Thur - Sat 22:00 - 05:00
Entrance fee: 7 €


is one of the oldest Vilnius clubs established in the premises of the ex Soviet bomb shelter. The venue is mainly known for attracting people passionate for the best international dancing music. They feature some of the best Lithuanian and foreign DJ's who arrive to play the hottest tunes from the world’s dance-floors. The London-chic interior here is stylish and unique for its combination of colourful lighting, leather and some examples of modern art exhibited in one of the rooms. The entrance to the club, which is a rather long tunnel, adds to the character as well.

The sound and lighting systems, as well as the service are known for their very high quality.

Address: Gravity
Jasinskio St. 16 , tel: 370 524 979 66
Open: Fri - Sat 22:00 - 06:00


Very conveniently located in the Old Town, close to the Town hall the club attracts a diverse international crowd. To get there you open the door of what looks a bit like a telephone box on the street and then go down the mysterious purple tunnel into a live music and cocktail bar.

The cosy interior inside is flowery and atmospheric, however, the vibe inside is not very romantic; it is lively and bouncy instead. The club is open into the early hours of the morning and you have to be 18 to get in.

Address: L'amour
Vokiečių Street 2, tel. +370 699 260 46
Open Thur - Fri - Sat: 19:00 - 05:00

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